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There is a reason why practitioners  around the world rely on ITO.  We will continue to lead the way into the new world of physiotherapy.

1916 Tokyo Medical Electric Co., Ltd. established by Kenji Ito,
  developing Japan's first AC X-ray machine and other devices。
1924 Publication begins of the monthly magazine "Musen to Jikken (Radio and Experiments),"
  Japan's first magazine specializing in radio technology (now published by Seibundo Shinkosha)
1930 Chairman Ito made a contribution to the development of radio technology
  and establishment of NHK
1934 Production and sale of Japan's first ultra-shortwave therapy equipment
1935 - 45 Development of devices such as electrosurgery unit knives and electronic microscopes
1946 Development of devices such as electro cardiographs, electroencephalographs, and pH meters
1957 Company name changed to Ito Co,. Ltd. Development of extensive therapy equipment
1971 New office building built at 3-3-3 Toyotama-Minami, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
1977 Development of Doctor Pulse (TENS), ushering in a new trend of TENS in Japan
  Increase in overseas trade leads to establishment of operations all over the world
1983 Establishment of R&D
1988 Ito Building completed in Fukuoka
1989 Development of Osteotron, Japan's first bone-union stimulator. Completion of Tsukuba Factory
1990 Establishment of local subsidiary company in Singapore
1994 Establishment of Shanghai Office in China.
  Development of US-3, Japan's first dual frequency therapeutic ultrasound equipment.
  Development of the IDA-220, Japan's first CPM
1998 Establishment of Hanoi Office in Vietnam.
  Development of Trio300,
  the world's first miniature multi-mode stimulator (with three integrated functions).
  Development of PM-800S/W,
  the world's first inverter-controlled pulsed and continuous microwave therapy equipment.
  Development of the SW-180 / SW-101,
  Japan's first pulsed and continuous shortwave therapy equipment
1999 Acquires ISO9001 certification
2001 Company celebrates 85th anniversary.Development of US-100,
  Japan's first therapeutic ultrasound equipment with a frequency of 0.8 MHz
2002 ITO Building in Osaka completed. Launch of ES-420, a portable multi stimulator.
2003 Launch of ES-520, 2-channel low- and medium-frequency electrotherapy unit.
  IF design award 2003 for ES-420 and ES-160 Acquires ISO14001 certification
2004 Launch of EU-940, 4-channel electrotherapy / multi-frequency ultrasound combo.
2005 Launch of US-750, multi-frequency ultrasound unit. IF design award 2005 for EU-940
2006 Company celebrates 90th anniversary. .IF design award 2006 for US-750