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English > International Division > International Division > Acupuncture Products > Reflexology Socks, Gloves

Reflexology Socks, Gloves

YG-100 / YG-200



Originating in the Ancient times of India and China "the Reflecting Zone" pressure therapy on the hands and feet have been confirmed by researchers all over the world. The reflecting zones are marked in five different colors on these specially disigned socks and gloves enabling you to easily practice this ancient art to improve health. The "Manzoku" socks and the "Teate" glove are developed under the direction and supervision of therapist Yasuhiro Igarashi, a worldwide authority on the reflecting zone therapy.

YG-100 'Manzoku' Reflex Socks, pair
YG-200 'Teate' Reflex Gloves, pair

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