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English > International Division > Physiotherapy Products > ES-521


2-channel Low- and Medium-Frequency Electrotherapy


A universal current electrotherapy unit that anyone can use easily Touch panel, alphabetic keyboard,and two pause keys drastically enhance usability

Provided with the eight most common currents: 4-pole IF, 2-pole IF, EMS, Russian, TENS, Hi-Volt, Microcurrent (MCR), DC.

Alphabetic keyboard: Treatment objectives or patient names are registered in the program memory. The program to use is selected by touching the intended application or name expressed. The keyborard supports ten languages.

Two pause keys, one for each channel

Seventy (70) free program memories

Three different treatment-end melodies: When several systems are used, different melodies can be selected for each system to distinguish which system has completed therapy.

Connectable to the SU-520 vacuum unit (optional) or the US-750 ultrasound unit