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English > International Division > Physiotherapy Products > OSTEOTRON II


The OSTEOTRON II  is a non-invasive bone growth stimulator of capacitively coupled electric field (CCEF).The principle behind the CCEF method was developed by Dr. C. T. Brighton of the School of Medicine,University of Pennsylvania, in 1981.


The 60 kHz alternating current, which is minimally influenced by impedance and has no harmful side effects, stimulates the fractured sites.

The electric stimulation can be used regardless of intramedullary nails, plates or other internal fixation materials.

Digital display of cumulative hours of treatment (up to 9,999 hours)

Non union and delayed union.

Fresh fractures in which a troublesome union is expected.
1) Open fractures 2) Segmental fractures 3) Femoral neck fracture, scaphoid bone fracture, fracture of the talus with dislocation and other fractures that require a long term to unite.

Cases in which early bone union is desired fracture of the aged.

Electric stimulation prevents and restores disuse osteoporosis.